Friday, October 8, 2010


So, Yesterday I used this blog to motivate myself and it worked. In the rare chance that anyone might read this I managed to finish up 1.5 of my projects.. The witches boot is done. It's no where near the boots that she puts out. But it was my first. ( Let me just say this girl.. she hand paints her boots apparently. What patience! I just went to a freebie graphic site grabbed pumpkins cut them out and glued them.. Perhaps one day I'll attempt painting something on them.. I just didn't want to risk ruining my first mediocre boot.. )anyhoo.. I sent her a message when I found the boot and asked her how she did it. She said cereal boxes and I stared at it for a few days and stole the lucky charms box outta the cupboard and went to work. I didn't use newspaper because I don't read it.. I used excessive amounts of printer paper. At first I just used the ones that #5 had scribble scrabbled on.. but that soon wasn't enough. This was NOT the most environmentally friendly thing I could have done... but as anyone who knows me knows.. i take the easy way out .. :) Then with a bit of molding and a few choice words and then some paint.. i have a boot. It's not the best boot.. it's not the next awesome thing everyone will ask me to make but it's my boot and I'm pleased with it. I will call it the sad boot inspired by the awesome boot. Or maybe I'll make up a shorter name. The point being is.. a lucky charm box tape glue and paper made a boot! yay!

The .5 thing I did was the halloween costume. I managed to get the boots kinked out.. it must have been national boot day. But it was neat the way it turned out..
I had lost my good scissors ( i put them up so no one could use them on paper and such and hid them from myself.. ugh) so I went on a search. While searching I ran across #4's black tights. And it hit me. I need him to be able to walk while trick or treating.. so he will wear his skechers but over top I slipped on the tights and stuffed the top with hefty bags. Now when they are on him it looks like he has on these big oversized 'boot's' I was so happy. So far, I have managed to put together his entire costume for free. The make-up I found out will cost about 3 dollars last night.. but at the risk of bragging.. 3 bucks for this awesome costume .. I am quite happy.. Below are his neck bolts.. LOVE EM.. and he really thinks they are awesome. I did fill them in with some hot glue so they don't wobble about since this picture.. It's amazing what small things make a 4 year old think Mom is the best!

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  1. Oh, I think your boot turned out wonderful! Especially for a first attempt! Your sis should love it. And, your neck bolts are so clever! Those are soda bottle tops are aren't they?! Love it!