Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy busy

So, I've been way busy... I started doing a thing for my mom that she asked for... and since I'd never really done one .. i did it and showed it to her rather than give it to her for Xmas like she requested. I don't love it. It all seems too shaky. I am so confused how people manage to paint and keep things all pretty and perfect. I think painting is just not my 'niche' but I try and to me that is most important. I have definitely thrown my share of crap out after realizing how bad i suck at it :)

I put this one up cause it definitely shows every flaw I made. Of course my mom said it was perfect (gotta love moms!) But since it's for her and she loves it.. She can have it.
Gonna start a new wreath today.. My sister came by last weekend and I gave her the one off my door! hehe.. #5 is thrilled.. because she wanted it and because we get to do a new one. Maybe I'll try a different thing or not.. who knows. I managed to snag rolls of ribbon at Wal-mart for 47 cents.. which made Mr. Me very happy :)

So.. another thing I've started doing thanks to my sister in Fla. is freebies. Basically you just go through and request samples and they send them to you. Being a mom of 5 and the oldest in the military we tend to just make it.. (which is why I make my stuff) So, this has become a game for us. We call each other.. send each other emails and notices when super freebies or great coupons are out there. Today we laughed that Christmas stockings will be fun .. cereal bars and shampoo hehe! I suggest anyone who is staying at home should definitely try it out. Blog a bit.. freebie a bit.. and .. AND.. today I got a free sample of coffee.. I was very excited with this of course .. I must thank my sister for this since she said .. Oh did you see the coffee one!! hehe! Thanks to her!!!

Go out have fun.. make stuff save money. It's a great weekend.

PS.. My daughter serves in the USAF. I miss her today. I am counting down til Nov.14th when she can come home! Love you #1

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  1. I think this turned out great! What a cute saying, too. I've never heard that one. That's great that you and your sister team up to snag all those freebies!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway! Best of luck!