Saturday, October 9, 2010


So.. I never thought that I'd get stuff done. Yesterday and today has been very productive. Costume finished! #5 was pleased and .. honestly so was mom :). Also, we were able to make a wreath. And we've done all this without spending a dime so far so I'm even happier. Mr.Me seems to be much happier about the destruction I leave in my wake when I'm not stealing the debit card as well.

First is the costume completion! OMG I have never been so pleased to finish something. I can just imagine him with his make up (which happens to be my fav part .. doing the make up. I always beg my kids and nieces and nephews to do costumes which require paint .. this doesn't always work)
For now.. here it is sans make up...

Spray the hair black, cover that face in awesome green and we have FRANKENSTEIN .. I am happy :)

Now the wreath.. this was made from a lg. garbage bag and plastic shopping bags.. a few left over plain x-mas ornaments painted and some left over material from #5's treat bag... free .. and done and was a great project to do with him. I am ok with it. Not thrilled but after all the hard work he put in it.. I'd have hung it from my door if it was much much worse .. so here it is.. our redneck coat hanger freebie wreath!
And my stuff is semi organized.. so basically my list is complete with a few added things and so I think.. I will definitely work on making a new list. Even with the uncertainty of this blog.. not being sure if anyone cares or if I care to have my life tossed out there.. this is a good thing. It keeps me moving and keeps me busy. I like it. Who knows.. maybe I'll even get my unwillingness to do and hatred for laundry taken care of with blogging.....hahahaha ...... yeah right!

Carie... the dreamer.

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