Tuesday, October 19, 2010

dear crafting gods::

today i'm starting Christmas gifts. My sister has decided that we should all 'make' gifts rather that go out and buy them. At first I was on board.. and I must admit the phone calls back and forth have been great. I have taken 2 trips to Michael's in the last few days and rummaged the clearance isles and the $1 bins til my head hurts. I have changed my mind 3 times and have finally settled upon what I am going to do. Mr. Me is glad cause the 100 bucks I've spent on 'ideas' was beginning to wear on him. Not to mention #5 went with me both trips and demanded a craft all his own so I could shop.... anyways..

As I am sitting here sipping coffee .. I am starting to rethink my idea...but i think it's only because i am unsure how it will play out. i wonder if anyone else second guesses new things. the first should be pretty simple the other.. i dunno..

at the risk they read this (haha that even made me laugh) let's just say the gifts require me being outdoors getting dirty and the other has to do with cardboard.

exciting i know! not really.. but.. if .. and that is a huge if ..they turn out.. i'm so winning crafty christmas.. if they don't.. im in big trouble for spending so much to 'make' an xmas gift..

so today .. my prayer is to the crafty gods and powers that be..

PLEASE LET THIS TURN OUT.. amen and all that jazz.

<3 Carie.

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